Entering Amster Yard through the access corridor, we are welcomed by a vibrant installation that directly invites us to rediscover our previous spatial experience with the location.

This site-specific work titled “Intersection” appears as a gravitational plane converging on the energy present in Amster Yard´s carefully planned courtyard.

And the space changes AGAIN!
Jarrod Beck is working in the gallery and installing his upcoming exhibition “Duende”. 

Beck has a background in architecture and printmaking. In his work  he employs plaster, cast from drawings, as a three dimensional substrate and reprocess materials in order to create new tools.

OPENING FRIDAY 04/15/2011 - 20:00 H

Maroto (b. Madrid, 1972) is installing Lightstalker in the gallery, a site-specific installation gathering new photos and videos created in 2009-2010.The title of the piece refers to the search of light, quest that is represented in the works.

Seasons change, exhibitions change… and so does Amster Yard.
New watering systems have been included in courtyard getting the garden ready for Spring. It´s been a white winter at Amster Yard. Eléctrica brought color, Christmas and LED lights. So,what´s next? Amster Yard´s program of events will remain active, introducing short-term exhibitions and one –time performances.

Post- show, Eléctrica memories

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Eléctrica IC-11 closed on March 26th after two months of action. Since early January, artists were creating their work inside Cervantes. Mar Gómez and Ryan V. Brennan collaborated in the creation of the work Unaddressed, composed by a teeter-totter, a video and two screens. In the piece, the viewers’ gravity triggerered a two-channel presentation of Gomez´s scene. This scene was rehearsed and filmed on a cold and rainy day in January. After the show was up, “Teeter- tottering” became the center´s most popular activity.



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